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Why NP Academy?

NP Academy is an educational startup accelerator that provides business founders with a 6-month intensive program to work closely with technical experts and analyze the pain points in their businesses in order to develop their capabilities and drive their business growth.

NP Academy is a fully-funded grant brought to you by NilePreneurs and sponsored by HSBC Bank.

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Meet Our NP Academy 2020 Finalists​

Get to know our Graduated startups from last cycle and watch their pitches in front of investors::

Mawelny Startup Pitch

An online Platform that connects individuals and SMEs in need for credit finance with banks and financial institutions, enabling Customers to get the best credit finance Offerings.

Milk Diamond
Milk Diamond Startup Pitch

Aims to upgrade dairy farms to increase their productivity and profitability by offering high quality , based on two different sectors; IOT and cloud system, and manufacturing new machines.

Ostafandy Startup Pitch

An intelligent assistant for every handyman. It provides Smart Pricing Systems using machine learning algorithm to allow workers to understand their prices and provide their clients with digital bills.

I Degrade
IDegarde Startup Pitch

The first Egyptian company specialized in sustainable food packaging. All their products are 100% natural and biodegradable and includes tableware, cutlery and takeaway packaging.

Foorera Startup Pitch

A platform that connects people to carpools to commute to/from work, university, events or even travel between cities to solve High fuel price, and help in decreasing the traffic congestion and pollution.

Cut Egypt
Cut Egypt Startup Pitch

An application for booking barbershops on specific dates and costs in advance, which gives individuals the freedom to choose a free salon or barber without being restricted by geographical location or budget.

Our Selection Criteria

What Our Startups Have In Common & What It Takes To Be One of Them

Startup Qualifications

Each company is registered and is operating for 2 or more years with a proven record of generating revenues. The company also has a clear business model with synergistic values​ and has a team of 20+ members working on SaaS Platforms or Mobile Apps​.

Founder Criteria

The founders of each startup are Egyptian and form a committed and passionate top management team of at least 2 founders including a full- time CTO. They are looking to develop a dominating strategy, to exponentially grow their businesses​​.

Business Type

We empower diversity, and accordingly, our selected startups serve in various industries including FinTech, MedTech, AgriTech, Social /Sustainable Development, Product & Manufacturing and e-commerce.

Our Training Modules

Organization Development

Organization Development

You will work closely with mentors to learn how to define your strategic objectives and OKRs, define your organization’s values & principles then analyzing your team’s capabilities and defining gaps for development.

Growth Management

Growth Management

You will go deep into your marketing and sales plans, learn market sizing, redefine your target customers, and optimize customer journey while learning different growth hacking techniques & MoM Growth.

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

You will learn how to define your growth and long-term strategy to suit the nature of your business and define the right time to scale your business and use Design Thinking techniques.



You will learn compliance with international markets to scale your business abroad & use marketing strategies in international markets, learn taxation for multi-country operation, Exports & Imports, & Digital Trading.

Financial Management

Financial Management

You will manage your financials, work on your capital and optimize your expenses, know about the digital treasury and commercial cards. You will also learn about taxation & customs and other financial concepts.



You will learn how to pitch your business for investors for your next round of funding and learn about Startup Valuation, Investment deal Mergers, and Acquisitions as well as the available Funding Options to scale up.

Meet Our Trainers & Experts

Founder & Chief Commercial at NGENIOUS Services
Mohamed Lasheen

A Business Growth Consultant with over 10 years of experience in commercial, business development, sales and marketing. He managed to help many start-ups scale their business, grow revenues and and raise funds.

Advisor – Labour Market Access Project at GIZ
Omar Rabie

A lawyer with a firm background in Corporate Commercial laws and has an extensive experience in supporting social and commercial businesses and start-ups in the MENA region.

Deputy Manager – Investment & VC Department at MSMEDA
Amr El Abassy

Freelance Trainer & Mentor with more than 15 years’ experience and background in Investment, Business Development & Business Modeling specialized in Investment, Credit Analysis, SME`s Financing, Corporate Banking & Financial Modeling.

Director Of Business Development & Strategic Alliances at ExpandCart
Ahmed Desouki

A Strategic Business Development Consultant with 10 years of experience in sales, customer services, and business development in various industries such as advertising, telecommunication, recruitment, and e-commerce.

Principal at El-Shawarby, Attorneys-at-Law
Loay El-Shawarby

The Founder of the First Legaltech Company in Egypt “Contrato” and Angel Investor leading investing angel syndicates within Egypt and around the Mediterranean.

Head of Commercial Banking Credit Approvals at HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E.
Mohamed Morsy

Has over 22 years of experience in Financial and Banking systems, his area of expertise lies in commercial and corporate banking where he managed to lead and develop a team of relationship managers and administrative staff in HSBC.

Marketing Director at Global Integrated Management Consulting
Mohamed Sayed Rashad

A dentist, a blogger and a digital marketing expert. He worked in various well-known companies and was the mastermind behind lots of successful social media awareness campaigns, achieving over 150M views and 1M+ subscribers.

Growth Hacker and Media Buyer Expert
Mahmoud Omar

A Growth Hacker and Full Stack Marketer. He is an expert in Startup Early Traction, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Automation. He helps startups live a 10X life.

Country Head of Business Banking at HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E.
Ehab Khowessa

Has solid Corporate Banking background and excellent exposure derived from 22 years with HSBC. He has a history in building teams and participated in preparing Strategic Plans with sound awareness of economic and political events.

Leadership Development Consultant
Maha Fawzy

A Leadership Development Consultant with over 25 years of experience in designing, managing, and delivering learning programs for numerous corporates and governmental clients in different industries in the Middle East.

Country Head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management at HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E.
Ahmed Badawi

Has over 16 years of experience in Financial and Banking systems. His expertise lies in corporate relationship management and maximizing client value in the corporate portfolio.

Our Press Highlights
بوابة الأهرام
أكاديمية رواد النيل تفتتح الدورة الثانية من برنامج مساعدة الشركات الصغيرة على تطوير أنشطتها

18 December, 2021

veto gate
أكاديمية رواد النيل تفتتح الدورة الثانية من برنامج مساعدة الشركات على التطوير

18 December, 2021

رواد النيل تفتح باب التقديم لمساعدة الشركات الناشئة في مجال الحلول التكنولوجية على تصدير خدماتها

19 October, 2021

First batch graduates from NilePreneurs Academy sponsored by HSBC

24 July, 2021

أخبار اليوم
أكاديمية رواد النيل تحتفل بتخريج دفعة جديدة من أصحاب المشروعات الناشئة

3 July, 2021

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