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Open Applications

Apply Now to Pre-incubation Cycle #2!

Do you have a technological business idea? Apply to gain financial support and in-kind services that include technical and business consultations from experts in the field.

Apply Now in Engineering Incubator Cycle #4!

Apply now with a business idea related to “Climate Change Technology and Local Products” to promote sustainable industries, and encourage investment in scientific research, innovation and infrastructure while addressing the risks of climate change.

Creative Design

Apply Now in Creative Design Cycle #4

If you are one of the creative minds that have a startup working in furniture and handicrafts and relies on recycled and environmentally friendly materials, do not miss your chance to apply in this cycle.

Apply Now in LaunchSaaS Cycle #4

Apply with your startup if it offers technology solutions that contribute in achieving a more sustainable future, taking into account the environmental, social, and governance dimensions (ESG), or if you are interested in fintech or digital transformation.

Khalik Digital Apply now

Transform your business with Khalik Digital

If you are looking to upgrade your company with the latest technologies and reach a huge customer base at the lowest cost, apply now in “Khalik Digital”.