Value Chain Development Center

The training center, sponsored by The United Bank, exploits Nile University’s experiences in product development, innovation management, technology transfer and digital transformation in bridging value chain gaps in Egypt.

Value Chain Center Pillars

Value Chain Development Center (VCDC) works on identifying the gaps in the production phases that reflect on quality & traceability of products especially in sectors which have the most impact on our health and environment as follows:

  • Dairy sector in partnership with International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • Plastic sector in partnership with USAID SEED Project
  • Furniture sector in partnership with Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC)
  • Agriculture sector

Through the Value chain center, SMEs working in the above sectors are provided with technical & digital solutions which focus on achieving sustainable growth.

Value Chain Center Tracks

The program assists SMEs through 2 main tracks that guarantee the fulfillment of its cause:

  1. Developing a plan for Growth
  2. Implementing the Growth plan

See for Yourself

Have an overview of how Value Chain Development Center identifies gaps in the production process and apply development solutions to improve its efficiency through the event “Value chain analyst – Phase 1” conducted in Tunis Village.