22 Sep. 2019

Biodegradable Plastic, Cairo, NilePreneurs

Biodegradable Plastic Event - Value Chain Center

With the aim of managing plastic waste in Egypt and turning it into fertilizers, the training worked on transferring the new technologies and additives that should be used in plastic production cycle to produce biodegradable plastic. This Program has also been conducted in Alexandria, Pharos university and 10th of Ramadan.

20 Oct. 2019

Value Chain Analyst, Phase 1 & 2

Value Chain Analyst Event

In compliance with global trends moving towards adopting the value chain approach from analysis to implementation. The course provided practitioners with tools that are essentially needed to select the right sectors and design interventions in an integrated and sustainable approach.

30 Oct. 2019

Food Safety and Quality Standards

The training worked on enhancing the capabilities of companies in the food industry by providing them with the required knowledge in Food safety and food hazards.

1 Nov. 2019

Dairy Challenge Ideation (In 7 Governerates)

This training was conducted to help provide our Youth by giving them the required knowledge to generate ideas on a scientific base to solve the dairy sector problems.

24 Nov. 2019

Dairy Challenge (Bootcamp)

This event provided the technical assistance and knowledge needed through special modules and sessions like Innovation Methods, presentation skills, fabrication and finishing designs.

8 Dec. 2019

Dairy Challenge Semifinals

This phase of Dairy Challenge represented the Finishing and evaluations of the prototypes. And the qualified teams were chosen to proceed to the finals stage.

10 Feb. 2020

Business Model Generation for Youth Startups

This training was conducted in order to allow our startups in the dairy sector to know the essentials of the business model and how to enhance their customer relationship.