Posted on: Sunday 20 September, 2020

It is well known that the first years in the life of startups are the most difficult. That is mainly because the owners of the business at this stage need to take a lot of decisions regarding financial management, sales and planning which determines the fate of the company later on.

In the next episode of El Manasa, we offer you the opportunity to go through that full experience without the risk of it to help you identify solutions to the challenges that you may face, under the supervision of a management consultant who will direct you to make the most out of the experience.

Startup Simulation is a simulation that provides you with a quick version of the startup experience and challenges, combining constant and changing factors that are similar to the circumstances you might go through.

The episode will be presented by “Obada Ahmed Jaber“, a management consultant and trainer with a long experience in several areas, including business writing, presentation skills, customer service, decision-making and negotiation skills. He has worked with multiple top clients including “Vodafone”, “Etisalat”, “Banque Misr”, “Ezz Steel”, “Flat6Labs” and “Gen Egypt“.

Registration is available for “Startups” until 9/28/2020 at 2 pm.

Startup Simulation
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