NilePreneurs Learn (NP Learn)  aims to raise awareness about entrepreneurship through a sustainable development plan that includes full stack for its target audience; disseminating this knowledge through online outreach and on-ground activities. The program includes several programs and projects to fit learners from undergraduate students & fresh graduates to young entrepreneurs eager to kick off their business to well-established startups seeking support to grow and expand.

What we envision

Entrepreneurship for everyone in a one-stop-shop.

Why we Exist

We Support Egyptian Entrepreneurs and SMEs through a learning journey of mentorships, idea hackathons and the first digital platform providing best practices from industry experts in the ecosystem.

NP Learn Benefits

NP Learn is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs; supporting individuals and startups starting from Education about entrepreneurship all the way to Ideation, Establishment and Growth.

NP Learn is your #1 support destination in all entrepreneurial-related solutions.

  • It provides Entrepreneurs with Best Practices from industry experts and leaders.
  • It connects Entrepreneurs with industry experts, mentors and consultants.
  • It provide Tailored Solutions for individuals and Startup founders.
  • It matches Startups and SMEs with the required talents.
  • It gives you the chance to be a part of NilePreneurs Ecosystem.

What is NilePreneurs Initiative?

Awareness and Education through NP Learn is one of the main pillars of NilePreneurs. This includes raising awareness about entrepreneurship and disseminating knowledge of available opportunities among youth. It also covers developing up-to-date entrepreneurship training material to be used in different NP functions.

NilePreneurs is a national, fast growing initiative funded by Central Bank of Egypt, and implemented by Nile University. The initiative aims to enhance the ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Egypt through providing different programs that achieve its targets with the support of our network of reputable Banks, NGOs and International Organizations.