Are you interested in mastering the processes that develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations? Our Business Development track will get you there!

Training Details:

Total Duration: 7 Sessions (2 Hours each)

Mode: Offline


Ahmed Hesham

A Lecturer Assistant (L.A) at the Canadian international college and a researcher at Cairo University. Ahmed’s career has started at college as he worked as a workshop Instructor for courses such as (human resources, management and marketing). Right after graduation, he started his professional banking career at two of the most reputable banks in the Mena region as (a contact center rep, Tele-sales and an auditor in the internal control department) at Abu Dhabi Islamic bank, and a customer service officer at Al-Ahly bank of Kuwait, then he moved to proceed his passion in the human resources career as a personnel and recruitment specialist at PDO Esnad (outsourcing company). The earned skills from the previous milestones has allowed him to begin his passion in the teaching and training field at the Canadian international college as a teaching assistant and a researcher at Cairo university, At the same time he worked as a freelancer trainer in Unicus, The traning hub, Elmentor and Trust for human development.

Training Outlines:

  1. Definitions of BD and OD
  2. Importance of BD and OD
  3. Elements of OD
  4. Competencies of an OD competencies of an OD
  5. Role demands on OD practitioners
  6. Basic applications OD practitioners
  7. The Difference between development and organization change.
  8. Development proposal
  9. Change management
  10. Forces driving change
  11. Objects and steps of change
  12. Technology of leading sustainable change
  13. Process of Business Development
  14. Strategic management development
  15. Human resource development
  16. Technology development
  17. Organizational structure development