About NP Academy

Start Entrepreneurship

NP Academy is a fully-funded grant brought to you by NilePreneurs and sponsored by HSBC Bank to support startups founders in growing their businesses through a 6-month intensive program where they will develop their capabilities and skills.  

As an educational accelerator, NP Academy provides startups founders with the opportunity to work closely with business and technical experts to define the pain points and developing plans in their businesses to be ready to go to the next level.

NP Academy Benefits



Exclusive access to NilePreneurs network of trainers, researchers & industry experts; allowing you to connect with potential partners from the industry.

No Equity


NilePreneurs Academy don’t ask participating startups to give up any ownership. We would much rather support you in your next round of funding.



Tailored training program for young startups seeking growth to improve leadership skills and capability for innovation to scale their business and expand.



On a regular basis, you will have the chance to network and meet like-minded founders of successful startups and scale-ups in Egypt.



Our carefully selected partners of successful startups, scale-ups and large corporations will help you land pilots, expand your customer base and grow.



With the support of Central Bank of Egypt, and our network of banks and investors, you will have the opportunity to pitch your business and get invested.

Eligibility Criteria

NP Academy Eligibility Criteria

NP Academy is a fully-funded grant brought to you by NilePreneurs and sponsored by HSBC Bank and the selection process won’t be easy with the presence of young and passionate startup founders in Egypt.

The competition is tough and you need to be prepared, if you find yourself and your business fit the below eligibility criteria, don’t wait a second and apply now for this no-to-miss opportunity.


Startup Criteria
  • Registered as a company
  • Operating for 2 years or more​
  • Proven record of generating revenues  
  • A clear business model with synergistic values


Founders Criteria
  • Egyptian nationality
  • Looking to develop a dominating strategy, to exponentially grow their businesses​
  • Committed and passionate top management team (at least 2 founders with full- time CTO)​
  • Have a flexible curriculum that can be integrated into the rhythm of their busy schedules.​
  • Willing to turn learning into real development.​


Business Type
  • Emerge-Tech: including AI, information technology, wireless data communication, man-machine communication, on-demand printing, bio-technologies, and advanced robotics.
  • FinTech: including financial services to improve transactions use and delivery to consumers and expand financial inclusion and use technology to cut down on operational costs
  • MedTech: including from diagnosing, monitoring and treating virtually, digital pharmacy, RFID sticking plasters to body scanners there are ever more technologies coming on stream to improve the lives of patients.
  • AgriTech: defining new opportunities for technology and products in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture with the aim of improving yield, efficiency, and profitability.
  • Travel and Tourism: since it is a major economic activity in Egypt with a wide-ranging impact on economic growth, employment, and social development. 
  • Food and Beverage: F&B industries play a major role in economic activity with a wide-ranging impact on economic growth, employment, and local development. 
  • Social / Sustainable: including the development and implementation of new ideas to meet social needs and create new social relationships or collaborations, improving society & the environment. 
  • Product and Manufacturing: focusing on enabling technology and innovation producing an exciting and tangible product, and identify the product start-up set to become the ‘next big thing’. 
  • eCommerce: providing innovative ideas through online channels & the outward-facing processes that touch suppliers, partners and customers, and including marketing communications, sales, order taking, delivery, fulfillment and customer service.
  • Retail and Fashion: Consumer spending is on the rise, and innovative retail initiatives are launching on a regular basis. From fashion to homeware.

Program Structure

Organization Development

Organization Development

In the OD module, you will work closely with mentors to learn how to define your strategic objectives and OKRs, define your organization’s values & principles then analyzing your team’s capabilities and defining gaps for development.

Growth Management

Growth Management

In the growth management module, you will go deep into your marketing and sales plans, learn about market sizing, redefining your target customers, and optimizing customer journey. You will learn different growth hacking techniques and MoM Growth.

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

In the Strategy module, you will learn how to define your growth and long term strategy to suite the nature of your business and when is the right time to scale your business. You will learn Design Thinking techniques and the difference between Growth and Scaling up.



In the internationalization module, you will learn about compliance with international markets to scale your business abroad. You will get to learn marketing strategies in international markets, taxation for multi-country operation, Exports & Imports, and Digital Trading.

Financial Management

Financial Management

In the finance module, you will learn how to manage your financials, work on your capital and optimize your expenses. You will know about the digital treasury and commercial cards. You will learn about taxation & customs and other financial concepts.



In the investment Module, you will learn how to pitch your business for investors for your next round of funding. You will learn about Startup Valuation, Investment deal Mergers, and Acquisitions as well as the available Funding Options to scale up.