Get inspired by our startups from previous cycles:

Cycle 2

CyberTalentsA platform that ranks cyber security professionals across the globe by running capture the flag competitions.


Enaya A leader in the home care field. It provides the best home related medical services with the most qualified staff.

Enaya home nursing

elaqarAn online platform that connects house owners with potential buyers to ease the process of house haunting.


FaggalaAn Ecommerce platform specialized in stationery products and services. It also provides a home delivery service.


MicrosystemsA system that offers SMEs WiFi solutions & management of networks without any technical experience.


HadotopiaA Storytelling app for kids. It develops their linguistic and intellectual skills, and direct them to correct behaviors.


1000 SalamaThe first Arabic Medical Diagnostic Aid Chatbot using AI. It’s an intelligent Arabic symptom checker tool.


TeradixA digital marketplace that connects business buyers with the right suppliers to make procurement easier & cheaper


KhtwteenThe 1st online Marketplace in MENA region that achieves work-life balance through offering Nearby part time jobs.


FawaterkThe best way to manage your online business by creating Invoices, sending them to clients to get paid in minutes.


Waste MarcheAn online platform for industrial waste management.


MedicoMedical supplies e-commerce platform


Stacks IOA marketplace of systems connected and managed from the same administration area.


BadgewellCreates online and portable badges instantly for your students and associates in a Single Trusted Platform.


A-eye TechThe latest technological solutions customized to your needs, functions and your business techniques.

A-eye Tech

AssetsHubA cloud based CMMS application that saves time, budget and gives more control for your maintenance team.


Cantina eatsA homemade food marketplace delivering junk-free food with exceptional quality and affordable prices.

Cantina eats

EsorusB2B smart solution for interior sourcing where buyers, designers and real estate developers connect with suppliers.


Cycle 3