Empowering Egyptian Innovation

At NilePreneurs, we are not just supporters of entrepreneurship, we believe in the potential of Egyptian talents and their capacity to contribute to the global market.

Explore a world of ingenuity as our startups bring forth a diverse array of Egyptian products and services. From awe-inspiring Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Ornaments to cutting-edge technological solutions tailored to your needs, each offering is a testament to the creativity and dedication of our entrepreneurs.

Discover their unique stories, the services they offer, and how they can bring value to your life or business.



Brandawy is a marketing agency that present it’s services and products in a fast, professional, easy-to-use system with one-stop shop.



BAGGR is the online shipping software solution for growing e-commerce merchants like you.


A-eye Tech

Introducing the future of doing business integrated with the latest technological solutions customized to your needs, functions and your business techniques.


Al Qalam

Al-Qalam is a creative space and a platform dedicated to spread nationally and internationally Arabic Calligraphy, Islamic Ornaments and their contemporary practices.