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Would you like to explore the job market and have a head start in your desired career path?
NP Explore offers you this opportunity…

About NP Explore

NP Explore is one of the main programs offered to you by NP Learn. It takes undergraduates and fresh graduates through a capacity building program that provides you with all the skills and knowledge you need to kickoff your professional career path then matches your acquired skills with startups and SMEs suitable for you.

The program focuses on supporting the market by creating internships and job opportunities in startups and SMEs while guaranteeing that these opportunities are seized by promising talents and skilled calibers.

Strategic Career Partner

NP Explore Benefits


If you are a senior student or a fresh graduate, this program will help you embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and prepare you to explore the startup scene in Egypt. This will be delivered by experienced trainers in different fields, who had been working with several startups and SMEs.


After you complete the program with commitment and good participation, you will receive a badge from Wuzzuf that will be placed on your Wuzzuf profile. This badge will certify your participation in NP Explore program and will increase your chances to be seen by hiring companies and startups.

Internship opportunities

You will enjoy exclusive access to special internship opportunities in startups incubated at NilePreneurs in addition to other startups in the ecosystem that are eager to hire potential minds like yours.

Exclusive Invitations

You will enjoy an exclusive invitation to digital and on-ground sessions and events organized by NilePreneurs as well as receive the latest updates in our special newsletters.

Program Structure

Industrial Product Development

Industrial Product Development

In this module, you will be introduced to the product development process, Human-Centered Design, Disruptive Technology Ideation & Design Thinking. This includes sketching techniques, introduction to Prototyping, Reverse Engineering essentials & inspection.

Business Development

Business Development

In the BD module, you will learn how to plan and oversee new marketing initiatives, how to write a business plan and how to extract a selling proposal from your business plan. Also, you will learn how to improve sales and build long-term relationships with new and existing customers.

Branding and Advertising

Branding & Advertising

In this module, you will learn what branding & brand identity are, have a deep understanding of typography, color theory,.. etc, understand solid logo & ad design principles to create compelling campaigns and logos. You will also learn design trends in 2020 & non-destructive editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Digital Marketing

In this module, you will get all the answers to what a Marketing Strategy is & how to do a Market Research. You will also understand SEO and SEM and learn the power of email marketing in customer relation as well as have an introduction to social media marketing & use storytelling techniques in social media content.

Embedded Software

Embedded Software

In this module, you will have a deep dive into C-Programming and an introduction to the Embedded C Programming. You will learn how to interface with Microcontrollers (AVR) and understand Communication Protocols. You will get to understand the concepts of (RTOS) in embedded systems.

Software Development

In Backend development, you will learn “building APIs”, “NodeJS”, “dealing with NoSQL databases”,.. etc. In Frontend development, you will learn “building HTML sites”, “Styling web pages using CSS”,.. etc. You will also learn the fundamentals of UX/UI, creating mobile apps (iOS and Android), creating wireframe designs & animated prototypes.