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Application Deadline – 22nd June

About NU Innovation Competition

Are you ready to make a lasting impact on our campus? Here’s your chance to turn innovative ideas into tangible solutions! Get ready to showcase your creativity and problem-solving skills in our campus enhancement competition.

Our competition offers an opportunity for students to drive positive change on campus through innovation! Divided into three dynamic tracks, each presents unique challenges aimed at enhancing different aspects of our campus life.

Join us in shaping the future of our campus. Together, let’s transform our campus into a vibrant and thriving community! Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this transformative journey in creating a campus that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of its students.

Competition Tracks

Space Utilization Track

This track is dedicated to optimizing the physical space on campus and enhancing student workspaces. Participants in this track will explore innovative solutions to make the most out of existing campus facilities, reimagine underutilized areas, and create dynamic environments conducive to learning and collaboration.
Campus Space Challenge
Optimizing the allocation and utilization of physical spaces on campus to accommodate diverse student needs, including common areas, recreational spaces, and places for events and activities.

Student Workspaces Challenge
Enhancing various student workspaces, including quiet study areas, collaborative workspaces, and specialized facilities for practical projects.

On-Campus Commuting​
Addressing campus mobility between the different buildings through devising innovative solutions to enhance transportation efficiency, convenience, and sustainability for students, faculty, and staff navigating between these key locations. ​

Technology Enhancement Track

This track focuses on leveraging digital innovation to enhance campus infrastructure and learning environments. Participants will explore challenges related to improving internet connectivity, scheduling efficiency, and enhancing the functionality of blended classrooms, combining online and in -person learning experiences.
Internet Connectivity
Tackling issues related to internet connectivity on campus, devising solutions to improve network reliability, speed, and coverage to support the growing demands of digital learning and communication.

Intelligent Advising​
Assisting students in enhancing their engagement, refining their academic plans, achieving academic success, and contributing to the advancement of the educational support systems.​

Clean Tech
Exploring innovative technologies and practices to minimize campus ecological footprint while encouraging creative thinking and practical implementation of clean technologies, fostering a greener and more sustainable campus environment.​

Open-Spectrum Solutions Track

This track invites students to unleash their creativity and address campus challenges beyond predefined categories. It welcomes a diverse array of innovative ideas, empowering students to propose unconventional solutions. Participants have the freedom to explore and implement solutions that transform campus life.

Application Criteria

Application Process

Open Call
24th April

1st Bootcamp
12th -14th May

Application Closes
22nd June

Shortlisted announcement
26th June

2nd bootcamp (advacned)
1-4 July

Pitch Day + Winners Announcement
6th July

There will be 3 winning teams, 1 from each track

1st Place Prize is 15,000 EGP for the winning team
+ NU willingness to implement the winner’s idea

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