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ClimaTech Accelerator

Powered by ADCB Bank, NilePreneurs Venture Business Accelerator runs the new ClimaTech Accelerator. 

This program supports seed-stage startups and small-sized Egyptian companies to enhance, catalyze, and scale the impact of climate solutions, helping climate tech companies achieve their business objectives and drive sustainable change.

"STARTUP10" Program

A unique opportunity for startups in the green and blue economy sector. Startup10 Program aims to select 140 promising startups from 10 different countries in 22 different incubators to participate in a comprehensive 6-month coaching program designed to accelerate their growth and impact.

NilePreneurs Venture Business Accelerator will be selecting 7 Egyptian startups to be among the global targeted 140 startups.

Co-Founders To Be

We partner with entrepreneurs to develop new ideas, technologies and business models to build high growth businesses. Our community offers a rich & resourceful network that will help you find what you’re looking for, an idea to materialize, a partner to co-build with or scale up resources and network to your startup.


If you are an investor seeking the next big opportunity, look no further! Join our community and connect with visionary entrepreneurs, discover innovative projects, and lead the way of high potential deep-tech investments.

Ecosystem Partner

Are you a fellow ecosystem player seeking partnership with those sharing your vision for economic development & empowerment locally & Internationally?