Finance is one of the main pillars of any organization and an essential ingredient to a successful business. If you wish to kick off your professional career path in Finance, join us on this track!

Training Details:

Total Duration: 7 Sessions (2.3 Hours each) + Graduation Day

Mode: Online & Offline


Nada Negad

The Business founder of one of the top start-ups in Egypt, Ex-regional manager at Procter and Gamble, Certified Trainer from the American Chamber, Certified public speaking Trainer from the School of Public speaking, Gamification trainer from the Trainer, and member of multiple training institutes with many years of experience in providing consultation and training to multiple organizations with hundreds of people.

Nada has been in the training field since 2006 and has worked with many organizations, including GIZ, TVET, EBI, UN, AUC, FAO, and multiple corporates, including Banque Misr, Leoni, P&G, and many others.

Nada had the chance to train and coach over 1000 startups to enable them to bring their ideas to life from the idea phase until the funding and expansion phase.

Training Outlines:

  1. Project & Cost Management
  2. Project Needs
  3. Assessment & Breakdown Structure
  4. Project Cost Estimation
  5. Financial Statements & Projections, Budgeting, and Funding
  6. Cost Control and Financial Indicators
  7. Graduation Project Discussion & Graduation Ceremony