“Ideate Without Boundaries”

You come up with the Idea. We help bring it to Reality.

What We Do

Powered by the Central Bank of Egypt and the Egyptian Banking Sector, NP Incubate offers entrepreneurs and startups the amount of financial and non-financial support needed in various strategic sectors through full incubation cycles that turn them into successful and financially viable firms.

Our incubators

Without implementation, ideas are useless and without the support needed, they can never become reality. That’s where the role of NilePreneurs Incubate takes place!

Our Incubate program assists entrepreneurs and startups in achieving growth by connecting them with quality guidance, mentorship, funding, and in-kind services. It allows a smooth transition of startups from the ideation phase to commercialization.

Our Startup Journey

Any startup incubated in NilePreneurs goes through a full cycle of success powered by Support and Mentorship. Its entrepreneurial journey starts with only a qualified business idea and turns into a well-established and performing startup with access to more investments that can take it to further milestones.

NP Incubate Startup Journey
Technical & Business Bootcamps, Mentorship, Financial Support, Networking