Engineering – Cycle #4

Does your startup work in Climate Change Tech and localized Products?

Our Engineering Incubator has always been concerned with Environmental Sustainability, and this cycle is no different!

Engineering” is one of NilePreneurs’ hardware incubators, sponsored by the Housing and Development Bank (HDB). It aims to fill the gaps in the value chain of engineering and raise production efficiency in different industries in Egypt.

Cycle #4 Tracks

Cycle #4 of our Engineering incubator focuses on developing new climate technologies with consideration to localizing these solutions to adapt to the Egyptian market needs and preferences.

Accordingly, we have chosen to support the following 5 tracks:

  • Energy: Innovations that focus on energy efficiency, energy storge, and renewable energy sources to reduce carbon percentages and impact climate change.
  • Industry: New innovative products that promote sustainable industrial practices in Egypt. As any innovative solutions to green industry transformation.
  • Building: With rapid expansions in construction and new cities in Egypt, we are looking for climate tech solutions that ease the execution of sustainable cities.
  • Transportation: New climate tech solutions that migrate and facilitate the transition to zero-emission transportation.
  • Food waste/Agriculture: Innovative products and tech in the food track are required to measure food loss, create waste baseline, and increase sustainable production.

Benefits & Offerings

NilePreneurs provide all the support services startups need to build successful and financially viable firms that can continue to survive on their own. This includes:

  • Up to 200,000 EGP funds and in-kind services with no percentage of equity in return.
  • Technical consultation and innovation support.
  • All logistical support and legal services for setting up your startup.
  • Business Consultation and guidance for the incubated startup founders.
  • Market Access with potential investors, industry players, and business partners.
1.5 Months

Step 1

Cycle 4 Application Opens

Step 2

First Filtration Announcement

Two Weeks
Two Weeks

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Step 4

Final Judging

One Week
One Week

Step 5

Winners Announcement

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Meet Our Engineering Startups

If you are considering having your own startup in the field of engineering, here are some of our successful incubated startups from the previous cycle. They started from where you are. And now, they have become a source of inspiration.

Meet Our Startups