Engineering – Cycle #3

As our Engineering Incubator has always been concerned with Environmental Sustainability, in our 3rd cycle, we are bringing up a challenge to keep an eye on green industries while focusing on Industry 4.0 to shape a better future.


Engineering” is one of NilePreneurs’ hardware incubators, sponsored by the Housing and Development Bank (HDB). It aims to fill the gaps in the value chain of engineering and raise production efficiency in different industries in Egypt.

All ideas in NilePreneurs’ Engineering incubator depend on sustainable strategies and solutions that have a positive impact on our environment, society, and economy. In cycle 3, we support the development of startups that use the latest technological advancements that adhere to the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).

Engineering Incubator Benefits & Offerings

NilePreneurs provide all the support services startups need to build successful and financially viable firms that can continue to survive on their own. This includes:

  • Up to 200,000 EGP fund and in-kind services with no percentage of equity in return.
  • Getting incubated startups registered legally and completing all legal procedures.
  • A co-working space with a suitable work environment that stimulates creativity.
  • Intensive business and technical training provided by industry professionals.
  • Guidance and mentor-ship for the incubated startup founders.
  • Connecting incubated startups with potential investors.
  • Organizing networking and matchmaking events.

Meet Our Engineering Startups

If you are considering having your own startup in the field of engineering, here are some of our successful incubated startups from the previous cycle. They started from where you are. And now, they have become a source of inspiration.

Meet Our Startups