Do you have a B2B software prototype that involves
FinTech, AI, Women in Tech, or people with disabilities?

LaunchSaaS” incubator, sponsored by Suez Canal Bank (SCB), is a Software as a service (SaaS) incubator which supports SaaS startups that target B2B markets; allowing them to launch their products, and start generating revenue.

LaunchSaaS Incubator Benefits

​LaunchSaaS incubator is the ideal platform for transforming your startup from an early stage project idea to a full-scale business. It supports you through all the critical stages of launching a new product in the market by offering:

  • Up to 300,000 EGP in-kind services with no percentage of equity in return.
  • Innovation support.
  • Company legal registration service.
  • One To One Mentorship Sessions.
  • Logistical support & Office Usage.
  • Ongoing Business & Technical Consultation.
  • Market Access (Investors, Industry Players, Qualified Interns,… etc.)
  • Intensive business and technical training provided by software professionals.

LaunchSaaS Timeline

1.5 Months

Step 1

Application Opens

Step 2

First Filtration Announcement

Two Weeks
Two Weeks

Step 3


Step 4

Final Judging

One Week
One Week

Step 5

Winners Announcement

Step 6


Two Weeks

Step 7


Meet LaunchSaaS Startups from Our Previous Cycles

NilePreneurs’ LaunchSaaS incubator has empowered lots of talents in its last cycles and they are now thriving as high-performing startups.