Grow is the third program that lies under the umbrella of NP Learn. It focuses on providing the opportunity for ambitious Egyptian founders and visionary entrepreneurs who lead businesses with an established client base and expected annual sales of over 1 million to work closely with top experts and leaders in the market partnering with us to help expand across markets and increase customer base.

What is our Scope?

  • Providing running & growing startups with the chance to develop their future strategy to help them grow and expand.
  • Supporting them to improve their strategic and business levels.
Grow Entrepreneurship

Are you our Target Segment?

We are looking for you if you are a running and growing startup for 2+ years of operation.

What do we offer you?

We offer startups a 1-year face to face program in NP Academy, sponsored by HSBC, to transfer the knowledge needed to grow their businesses.

You will get support with fund, operations, leadership, marketing, sales, recruitment & even time management.

Who are our Relevant Parties?

  • Incubators and Accelerators
  • Local Investors
  • Community Partners

Discover the application criteria needed to join NP Academy program and learn the strategies you need to expand your market.