Posted on: Wednesday 28 July, 2021

The success of your company hinges on the selection of your next team member; you are going to spend a lot of time with this person to achieve fruitful results in your work. Based on Workforce Hub, employees who work in the same office spend over 2,000 hours together each year. 

Hence, you need to find the person who has the Skills, Work Ethics, and Cultural Fit. This article will offer you all the fundamental guidance on how to employ the right person to ensure that the next time you hire a new employee, it’s a match. So, let us enlighten you with some Green Flag Tips to consider before making your next hiring decision!

how to hire the best employees

Weigh Between The “Silver Spoon” Vs. The “Scrapper”

There are many scientific ways that tell you how to hire the best employees, however, your instinct is not any less important.  

Regina Hartley has examined a lot of applications throughout her 25 years working in talent acquisition at UPS, and she has come to the conclusion that most applicants can fit into one of two categories: Silver Spoon, “the one who clearly has advantages and is destined for success”, and The scrapper, “the one who has to fight the odds to reach the same destiny”.

And unlike what is commonly believed, Hartley argues that the scrapper may prove to be the more potential candidate. She finds that while a series of odd jobs may indicate inconsistency, lack of focus, and unpredictability, it may actually signal commitment and grit against adversity. Scrappers acknowledge hardships and know that without those experiences, they might not develop and become successful. And that is the kind of people, preferable, to have among your employees. 

Any company needs someone to depend on and ask “What can I do differently to create a better result?” when things do not turn out well, and scrappers have the guts to answer that whenever the question is raised. So, at the very least, they deserve an interview even if they have imperfect resumes, as you never know who your next best hire may be!

Hire The Right Person Not The Best Person

Make sure you look beyond how candidates look on paper. If you are looking to adopt a growth strategy in your organization, you will find that choosing potential candidates that have proven track records of producing solid results and the necessary skills to produce them will make your organization’s growth so much smoother. 

Keep In Mind That Hard Work Beats Talent 

It is better for your company’s sake to find out if the candidate is a Lifelong Learner. Because here is the thing, employees with great potential tend to be very curious. They continuously learn and work hard to develop their skill set. This type of employee is an invaluable resource and can guarantee the growth of your company.

Look For a Career-Oriented Person 

No doubt that you want an employee who is going to be loyal to your company, and who will view your job as an opportunity to advance their career while being an asset to your team.

That is why you need to look for a “career-oriented person” who makes use of every opportunity to increase their success in their desired career path. So, whenever you wonder “how do you decide who to hire?”, consider the commitment level of your applicants towards developing their career and professional growth.  Choose those who seek education, and are eager to work with folks in the field; as well as make personal contact with leaders. 

Never Underestimate Personal Qualities 

We all know that strong team relationships keep workplace morale high, so hiring someone who is emotionally intelligent is a must in any industry. So, if you are wondering how to hire the right people, remember that having an effective communicator helps mitigate and resolve conflicts before they escalate. Also, to ensure keeping your workplace happy and productive, avoid choosing people who are bullies or lacking in empathy to keep the communication strong. 

Don’t Miss out on Referrals

References are what other people have to say about your candidate. It is incredibly valuable, especially since people are going to be careful to only recommend someone they trust since it puts their own reputation on the line.

When you need to hire, ask within your network first. Ask your family, friends, social networks, and your current workforce if they know anyone who would be right for the role. This would ease getting to know your candidates before you stick with them. Candidates will come backed by the opinion of someone you already know. Moreover, your people will appreciate that you sought their help and value their opinions.

Finally, the proper way to end this is to tell you that there is no straightforward answer to how to hire the right people. You can do all the right things when hiring and still end up with a person who is not a match. However, take the time to evaluate and learn from your past hiring processes and the decisions you make, then ask yourself regularly if your hires are a success. If not, what could you have done differently? Then, you will have a much better chance of getting your next outstanding employee.

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