University Industry Collaboration

Whether you represent an innovative operating business or a promising startup. Our team is capable of responding to your business challenges through innovative interventions.

We understand your requirements, form a team from subject matter experts from Nile University and Industry practitioners to develop practical solutions with end goal of market success in mind.

We specialize in areas of IoT and Manufacturing.

Transformative Innovations

Innovation is about problem solving at heart… Whether you are navigating the complexities of research to launch a new product, exploring new horizons in product re-engineering or localization, optimizing existing solutions for maximum productivity, or validating your product’s concept through prototyping & first-batch production, our dedicated teams are here to ensure your goals are met with precision, excellence & scalability.

Product Research & Design

New Product Development

Product Re-engineering

Mold Design & Manufacturing

What We Do

Your trusted Advisor

We understand your problem, frame a success target, assemble the right team and assign a dedicated project manager to bring innovative ideas to life!

Our product and business experts work with you to analyze your idea and market opportunity to propose a product vision for you. This is a critical step that lays the foundation for successful product development and launch.

We take several approaches towards developing innovative solutions based on time to market and financial requirements. Our designers and multi-disciplined engineers generate sound creative design concepts that work for you.

If your project requires financial support, we’ll assist you in securing the necessary funds. From identifying potential funding agencies to preparing compelling proposals. We ensure you have the resources needed to drive your project forward.

Our design and engineering teams work to convert your selected concept into a commercial ready product, matching the set targets. Our team will generate the needed information so the solution can be manufactured and business owner can make informed decision.

Evaluating a new product needs a functional prototype that brings all the design decisions together and validates the achievement of its objectives. That’s why, at every step of the way, we generate prototypes to validate design directions.

We use our manufacturing capabilities to help you launch your very first batches of product and test the market before committing to manufacturing investments or contracts.


Do you have a product that didn’t reach satisfactory results? Whether it’s performance, aesthetics, ergonomics, or engineering, our team is ready to help you upgrade your product to fulfill your innovation and growth ambitions.





Our capabilities enable every stage of the product development journey. From conceptualization to market-ready solutions, our expertise in design, prototyping, and production stands as a pillar of design, engineering and innovation.

Featured Projects

Explore the diverse range of projects that showcase our commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving remarkable outcomes.