STARTUP10 Program

Empowering Entrepreneurs In The Green & Blue Economy

A unique opportunity for startups in the green and blue economy sector. Startup10 Program aims to select 140 promising startups from 10 different countries in 22 different incubators to participate in a comprehensive 6-month coaching program designed to accelerate their growth and impact.

NilePreneurs Venture Business Accelerator will be selecting 7 Egyptian startups to be among the global targeted 140 startups.

Application deadline: 11th of May 2024
Read the Terms & Conditions before Applying

About The Program

In the framework of Startup10 program, which aims to promote food security and youth employment in ten (10) Italian cooperation partner countries (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Tunisia and Uganda), seven (7) startup companies candidates will be recruited by NilePreneurs Venture Business Accelerator to participate to the program of development of local startup companies operating in the green and blue economy sectors, with a focus on digitization processes.

The successful candidates will benefit from a support course in the form of coaching, at the end of which they will have the opportunity to present a pitch of their projects to a jury composed of national and international experts who will choose 1 winner. The award for the winner consists in a prize of € 5.000,00 to be used in the form of support tools, training, coaching, services and equipment according to the choice of the winners, together with an Open Innovation program with an Italian company.

The Rules of the Call for Application, published on the website of STARTUP10 program (https://www.startup10medafrica.com/call-for-startups/) and on the website of NilePreneurs Venture Business Accelerator, contains all information on the conditions of participation, registration, selection criteria and the conduct of the STARTUP10 Call for Applications.

Participation in the call for applications implies the unconditional acceptance by the candidates of the said Regulation in its entirety, the rules of ethics in force on the Internet, as well as laws, regulations and other texts applicable in the countries concerned by the STARTUP10 program.This registration must be received at NilePreneurs Venture Business Accelerator, in the manner indicated at Call for STARTUP COMPANIES operating in the green and blue economy sectors (coda.io) no later than April 30, 2024 (23:59 CET time)

Eligibility Criteria

Applications must be submitted in the name of a registered company. Personal applications will not be accepted. Your company must be formally registered for at least one year from the deadline of the present call in the country where it operates.

The applying company must commit to the STARTUP10 call by indicating the names of the team members who will participate in the program and their respective roles within the company.

To be considered for selection, your company must demonstrate an innovative and feasible project in the field of green or blue economy, focusing on topics like sustainable agriculture, smart farming, renewable energy, etc.

Companies already trading in their markets and demonstrating active sales of their project are encouraged to apply. If your company has not yet entered the market, you must prove that you have validated your project and markets by showing concrete steps undertaken and their results.

Companies engaging in any illegal activity under the laws of the host country or international regulations, conventions, and agreements are not eligible to participate.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Production or trade of illegal products
  • Involvement in forced or child labor
  • Trade in animals, plants, or natural products not complying with legal provisions
  • Operations involving destruction of critical habitat without sustainable management plans
  • Production, use, or trade of hazardous products subject to international prohibition
  • Production and distribution of racist, anti-democratic, or discriminatory media

Eligible Sectors

Are you wondering if your startup fits within the scope of the STARTUP10 call? Here’s a breakdown of the eligible sectors:


Startup10 Accelerator

Here's What to Look Forward to

Program Participation Benefits

Embark on a journey filled with opportunities to accelerate your startup’s growth and success.

Program Overview


Coaching Program

7 selected startups will participate in a comprehensive 6-month coaching program. Led by CIHEAM Bari International Experts, this program will equip selected startups with the skills and resources needed to thrive in the green and blue economy sectors.


Pitch Presentation

At the end of the coaching journey, startups will have the opportunity to present their projects to a distinguished jury comprising national and international experts. One winner will be chosen based on the pitch presentations.


Winners' Benefits

The winning startup will join the esteemed community of Italian companies. They will have the opportunity to participate in a 3-month collaboration program through the Open Innovation Program with one of the Italian companies in their own country.


Winners' Prizes

The winning startup will receive vouchers worth up to €5,000 to invest in support tools, training, coaching, services, and equipment.

Ready to Accelerate Your Innovation?

Make Sure to carefully Read the Terms & Conditions document before Applying!
Application deadline: 11th of May 2024.