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A Training for Sustainable Practices in Wastewater Treatment and Reuse designed under the umbrella of “Safe Agro MENA” project.

The training is designed based on the interdisciplinary approach in which everyone’s perspective is included and heard to properly handle problems faced at work.

Training modules focus on the following topics:

  • Nature of emerging pollutants
  • Impacts of emerging pollutants on human and environmental health
  • Socioeconomic dimensions of emerging pollutants
  • Excessive use of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical disposal (micro and macro scale)
  • Wastewater, sanitation, hygiene, and environmental protection

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Training Objectives:

  • Raise awareness about the vital topic of wastewater treatment and reuse in agriculture.
  • Provide real-world case studies to illustrate the impact.
  • Showcase the latest technologies that are driving change in the industry.

Who can benefit from this training?

  • Professionals
  • Researchers and academics
  • Public health officers, doctors, veterinarians, and pharmacists
  • Governorate officials
  • Community-based organizations in the field of Wastewater treatment and reuse in agriculture.