Posted on: Thursday 9 July, 2020

Ever felt that you want to give up on your startup and the whole entrepreneurship thing? We know that feeling…

In the first webinar of “The Startup Talk” brought to you by NilePreneurs and Flat6Labs Cairo, we bring you real-life stories from two bold speakers who launched their startups and faced all the challenges and rewards that come with being an entrepreneur.

Here to share with us their true stories are Karim Amin, Senior Data/AI Engineer at IBM Research & Development, Germany & Co-Founder of Eboma, and Mohamed Samir, the CEO of Interact-Labs.

Here’s a sneek peak about our speakers:

Karim Amin:

Kareem is an entrepreneur and AI enthusiast. From the time he moved from Egypt 6 years ago to pursue his PhD in Artificial Intelligence, he has worked in different roles in Big Data and AI; where he learned the art of implementing Big Data solutions in different industries. He is currently a Senior Data / AI Engineer at IBM Research & Development, Germany.

Mohamed Samir:

Samir started his journey when he graduated from Helwan University as a Communication and Electronics Engineer in 2012, and with a passion for education, he went on a mission to make technology accessible in classrooms, especially in developing countries, targeting 200,000 students by 2023.

Was their passion enough to face the challenges and pains of starting a business? How did they decide to pursue a risky decision of launching a startup?

Tune in to our zoom webinar on Wednesday July 15 at 7 PM to know their full stories.

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